Dr Juris Terauds PhD

Dr Juris Terauds PhD

President and Founder

Juris Terauds began his relationship with fitness and the biomechanics of sports techniques as a youth. A native Latvian, whose parents immigrated to Canada during the war, he came from a line of both accomplished track and field athletes and scholars.

After finding his niche in the javelin throw, Juris set numerous high school records before attaining a Track and Field scholarship to the University of Dubuque, Iowa. To date, the distance record he set while an undergraduate remains undefeated. Juris went on to win three Canadian championships.

Professor Juris Terauds, while at the University of Alberta, in Canada invented the stepping machine in 1976 and the Xiser® High Intensity Trainer® in 1977. Further, through extensive research the High Intensity Trainer® was refined and made into the most efficient training device available. All aspects of the new training machine were researched from a biomechanical and physiological point of view, by a team of experts, including Professor Juris Terauds, Dr. Hans Gros, of the University of Stuttgart in Germany, Dr. Anthony Bauer, of Lakehead University in Canada, Dr. Iraklis Tsaroukas of theUniversity of Thessaloniki, in Greece, Dr. Pierre Garvais of the University of Alberta, Dr.Stanley Plagenhoeff of University of Massachusetts, Dr. John Cooper of the University of Indiana, Dr. Mitsumasa Miyashita of the University of Tokyo (members of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sportswww.isbs.org ) and others, making the Xiser® High Intensity Trainer® into the “perfect” optimum trainer, in particular for sprint training and other forms of high intensity interval training.

By 1992 the Xiser® High Intensity Trainer® was recognized by U.S. News and World Report as the best fitness device available. In short, the Xiser® High Intensity Trainer®, invented and patented by Dr. Terauds, is the most practical, efficient, and biomechanically and physiologically correct trainer available. The Xiser® High Intensity Trainer® was researched and tested to ensure correct body alignment, an impact free workout, promote stabilizing muscle activity, correct posture and improve balance, with either anaerobic or aerobic training. It is the only interactive maximum velocity trainer available. There is no other stair stepper trainer like it.

From the start, the Xiser®  High Intensity Trainer® has been Made in the United States, using the finest materials and technology available.

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